P by D.Rudd-Mitchell


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The future is green, very, very green, possibly too green.

Information is restricted for the greater good. The old institutions have gone, along with all remnants of commerce and mass consumerism. Unhappiness is a thing of the past, and the world has been saved from ecological ruin. How, why and when this happened is information shared on a strictly need to know basis.
"As you know Norwich,' Head began, "the Party protects us all from information. You may find out that a core belief of yours is untrue. You may find out that history is far more complicated than you anticipated. There is no retreating from this once it's done. Would this be acceptable to you?"
"Perfectly," he replied.
It seemed the only rational response. Logic dictated that if the Party deemed him fit for higher information, and the Party was infallible, he could be assured he was fit for higher information clearance. What could possibly go wrong?

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