The Dark Earth of Albion by Gareth Spark- Paperback Short Story Collection


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There’s something in the soil, down deep in The Dark Earth of Albion; storytelling that haunts the landscape, teasing the reader through the fires of folklore, along the decks of Viking boats, to the plastic chairs of seaside greasy spoons. Gareth Spark’s latest collection of short stories carries a whisper of chaos- of long-gone souls and faded stars. These stories have sprouted from darkness, plucked from a dank field where the warning cries of crows carry on a cold north wind. From the Dark Earth, fate and faith will rise.

“Spark has a style and a poetic instinct that are second to none.” The Black Mountain Review

“He says more in a few sentences than lesser writers do in entire chapters. This collection is full of first-rate examples.” Ryan Sayles, author of Albatross.

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