Hello to you - simple Earth Human! Hope you are well.

In our first blog post the Plastic Brain would just like to say thank you for stopping by and investigating that strange smell. Finally. We wondered how long it would take before you decided to discover our plastic world.

We are a small press that has adapted to a changing publishing and media environment, mixing the old and the new, unconstrained by the typical expectations of small presses. This emporium showcases all the goods; the books, the zines, the sounds and the ephemera. We celebrate the dark and offbeat side of culture and we do it completely independently from a converted shipping container, hidden in the Lincolnshire countryside and powered by cosmic juju, caffeine and a sneaking suspicion that the eschaton is at hand - so lets go down with a psychedelic glam rock thud!

Please stay as long as you like here. Please inform your friends and enemies alike of what we are doing - so we can continue to do it and do it harder. Please do not inform the authorities.

If you haven't already - have a listen to our podcast. It's great! Copy and paste this URL into your browser: